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Dr. Anthony Moncton

Dr. Anthony Moncton

Chiropractic Physician

Dr. Moncton uses a whole body approach to healing every patient. When you treat with Dr. Moncton you receive individualized care making use of all the services our holistic clinic offers from nutritional counseling to Chiropractic to lifestyle advice.

Dr. Moncton obtained his Doctorate (D.C.) from Life-West Chiropractic College in 1990. He attended U.C. Berkeley in California with a dual major in Biophysics and Neurobiology. He attained his B.S in Liberal Arts from Regents College in New York and prior to that he received his A.S. in mathematics and biology from Ohlone College in California.   Dr. Moncton has always put a priority in continuing education to better serve his patients.

Dr. Moncton is licensed to practice chiropractic in the states of Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

Training and Certifications:

  • Received his CCST (Certified Chiropractor in Spinal Trauma) and completed the CCRD (Certified Chiropractic Rehabilitation Doctor) programs.
  • Pre-certified in MUA (Manipulation Under Anesthesia) and completed a 3-year post graduate program in chiropractic neurology and is a Board Qualified Chiropractic Neurologist.
  • Completed a post graduate certification program in Auricular Therapy from the Board Certified American College of Addictionology and Compulsive Disorders.
  • Received training in performing spinal adjustments on cats, dogs and horses.
  • In addition, Dr. Moncton studied homeopathy under the renowned Luc de Schepper MD, PhD at the Renaissance Institute of Classical Homeopathy in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Dr. Moncton was affiliated with the Alternative Medicine and Complementary Services Clinic at the St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in Boston and was one of the first chiropractor’s to be granted such privileges in Boston. Dr. Moncton is also a member of the American Board of Anti-Aging Health Practitioners.
  • Received certification in (LOSRIC) Low Speed Rear Impact Collisions from the Spine Research Institute of San Diego and achieved his DABQAURP as a Diplomate of the American Board of Quality Assurance and Utilization Review Physicians.
Veronica Ramos

Veronica Ramos

Programs & Marketing Director

Veronica is a co-founder of WSHHC. She is the creator of the variety of programs and services offered at the clinic.  She and Dr. Moncton collaborate to offer the most advanced services, products and programs, ensuring patients and clients of WSHHC are afforded every opportunity to achieve and maintain, perfect health and balance of body & mind.  Veronica is a former high school art teacher, Education Director and Board of Directors member at New England Primate Conservancy, where she developed the first national standards online humane education curriculum for an animal conservancy.  She is also the founder and formulator of V Organics Skin Care and products. Veronica has a BA in Art History, a teaching degree in Visual Arts, a Master of Science in Art Education from Mass College of Art & Design in Boston and has completed course work with The Institute for Humane Education.  In addition, she studied with a third generation herbalist to learn to formulate natural, organic products. She was co-founder of a statewide animal advocacy group involved in humane education and legislation in Massachusetts and has manifested her passion for health, environmental and animal advocacy in her leadership and participation in a variety of organizations. Veronica has spent a lifetime discovering and creating opportunities which serve to ‘light a path’ for those who seek life altering and authentic transformation in their lives.

Mieka Davis

Mieka Davis

Massage Therapist

Mieka is a certified Athletic Trainer and Licensed Massage Therapist. Her business, Resolution Bodyworks, is a comprehensive, integrated practice that combines therapeutic techniques to help clients accelerate recovery from injury. Mieka carries her bachelor’s degree in Physical Education with a concentration in Athletic Training and is certified by the National Athletic Trainers’ BOC. As an AFAA group exercise leader and former USAR medical executive officer and Physical Trainer, her specialty is motivating each client to reach their highest potential healthy status. Mieka currently teaches anatomy, physiology and kinesiology at a local massage school and enjoys creating more awareness of how to have healthy habits in everyday life. With over twenty years of experience in sports medicine she has worked in schools, corporate and professional sport arenas and treats all clients as Olympians Massage Therapy.

Rhonda Lenair

Rhonda Lenair

Renowned 'Healer of Addictions' and founder of the Self(s) Healing Experience

Rhonda Lenair is a prophet, luminary, medical intuitive and renowned healer who has been heralded as the healer of addictions by tens of thousands of clients worldwide, for nearly three decades. As a medical intuitive, she has been compared over and over to the ‘Sleeping Prophet’ Edgar Cayce. Her countenance is represented in pictures as the golden water and is used as a metaphor through what SHE offers that perfectly reflects the life or lives before her and seamlessly SHE becomes their voiced reflection.

Rhonda opened the doors of her first office in 1987 where she saw thousands of people who were in awe that their addictions disappeared so quickly and effortlessly. Rhonda soon became known as the ‘healer of addictions’. As the work evolved in depth and magnitude, addiction cessation became only one small part of what occurred, and as time elapsed what Rhonda offered was renamed the Self(s) Healing Experience (SHE). SHE became legendary for producing what became known as a ‘predictable miracle’ – whereby all desires, cravings, and the need to self-destruct with addictions and other out-of-control issues effortlessly cease without pain, withdrawals, treatments or therapy.

In 1999 Rhonda co-founded the Lenair Healing Foundation with her husband Barry Chalfin Lenair and they eventually opened The Lenair Self(S) Healing Center in the bucolic, seacoast town of Newbury, Massachusetts. SHE, The Self(s) Healing with Rhonda Lenair as one become, is only offered at The Lenair Self(s) Healing Center in Newbury and at Westboro Spine & Holistic Health Center in Westboro.

Rhonda has been featured in Elle magazine, Good Housekeeping, the Boston Globe, the Discovery Channel, and scores of radio and television segments. She has been commissioned by royalty and celebrities worldwide who have struggled with attaining inner peace – the objective of what SHE offers.

Melissa Alexander

Melissa Alexander

Certified X'Tract Bodywork Specialist and Academy Trainer

As a Certified X’Tract Bodywork specialist (CXS) Melissa utilizes the patented X’Tract Bodywork technique where comfortable pressure is applied to your skin to clean up your body via your lymphatic system. Through the process the lymphatic fluid is manually manipulated and moved through your valves into your lymph nodes where bacteria, viruses and other harmful microorganisms are destroyed to help your body stimulate your immune system, reduce swelling and pain, stress and sinus relief, and improve circulation of white blood cells that fight infection and allergy.  With her own history of lymphatic system difficulty, Melissa understands the negative impact it has on emotional and physical well-being. She understands the difficult yet attainable journey one must take to reach a place of sustainable health. Melissa offers the same passion of her own transformation to her clients.

John Peterson

John Peterson

Chiropractic Assistant and Front Desk

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