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Those Crazy Vegetarians and Vegans Diet

The right diet can save your life

Recently a large study offers the strongest evidence yet that a diet the government is now recommending for lowering blood pressure can save people from heart attack and stroke.
Researchers followed more than 88,000 healthy women for almost 25 years. They examined their food choices and looked at how many had heart attacks and strokes. Those who fared best had eating habits similar to those now recommended by the government to stop high blood pressure. The plan, favors fruits, vegetables, whole grains and plant-based protein over meat.  read more…

Weight loss program in Westborough

How important is nutrition when you’re trying to lose weight? 

There’s an old saying among those who are trying to lose weight: You can’t outrun your fork. Most people take this only to mean that you have to reduce the amount of food you eat because you can’t do an infinite amount of exercise to burn off the extra calories.  While this is true, there is another meaning.  When you’re trying to lose weight, your body needs an optimal balance of macro- and micro- nutrients.

When your body is healthier and well nourished, it naturally wants to let go of excess weight. Some people hold on to excess body fat because of a deficiency of one or more nutrients, or because they are getting too much of one type of nutrient and it causes an imbalance. Choosing lighter fare and making sure not to overdo your quantity of food is the first step. The next step is making sure you’re getting the RIGHT foods to support your weight loss journey.

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Why you should attend a WOW at Westboro Spine & Holistic Health Center…

“Your genetics load the gun. Your lifestyle pulls the trigger”     – Mehmet Oz  

I guess I should start by defining what a WOW at Westboro Spine & Holistic Health Center is. For many years we had quarterly, sometimes monthly health talks at the clinic. Every time we had one of the health talks our patients were so very appreciative of the great information and discussion we provided. Well….life and our business got hectic, and after a while we neglected our health talks. Many of our patients who have been with us since we first opened our doors, some 14 years ago, still ask about the health care talks, wondering when we will start them up again. 

The clinic came about with the concept of health and education being the driving forces of our offerings. As we are on the verge of adding even more services to our clinic, in order to remain cutting edge in offering you genuine holistic health offerings, we are revisiting our roots…our original concept for the center, which was to provide holistic health care & educational and group discussion forums. By popular demand, they are back with a  brand new name. WOW! Wellness Orientation Workshops.

Our intention is to offer the same format of a health care talks, but to create a series based upon what we’ve learned over the past years, and what we have come to understand you, our patients and clients always seem hungry to learn more about in a hands on way.
Introducing the first in our WOW (Wellness Orientation Workshop) offerings. Join us for a topic Dr. Moncton has offered at other venues, to great reviews and accolades from all audience members, entitled ‘Genetics Vs Epigenetics’ —You have more control over your health and longevity than you can even imagine.
Wednesday MAY 24TH,  7:00pm at Westboro Spine & Holistic Health Center 
Seats are limited and we are already half way full for this offering. Call the clinic to reserve your seat space today. 508 366 6630