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V Organic Skin Care & Products

There are skin care products which are organic, skin care products which are vegan and cruelty free, non- toxic skin care products and skin care lines which include ‘anti-aging’ ingredients. The challenge is in finding one skin care product which provides all of the above.

V Organic Products are locally formulated and hand crafted in small batches using organic or wild crafted, cruelty free ingredients. Our products are inspired by the changing seasons, meaning the formulations change slightly to reflect the shifting seasonal needs of our skin, particularly here in Massachusetts, where the products are created.

Our Products:

V Organic Skin Care

V Organic Medicinal Salves & Creams

‘Become’ V Organic Roll On Perfumes

V Organic Products are sold exclusively at Westboro Spine & Holistic Health Center and are used for all of our organic facial services.

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V Organic Products

Skin Care

Your skin is the largest organ of your body. Everything you put on your skin goes directly to your bloodstream, effecting organ function and more. It eliminates body waste and is our largest immune defense barrier. When you switch from toxic skin care products to V Organic Skin Care, for the first 4-6 weeks your skin will go through a period of detoxification, healing and then ultimately will reveal your best, glowing and vibrant skin.
  • Organic Daily Facial Cleanser
  • Organic Weekly Scrub/Mask
  • Organic Toner
  • Organic Moisturizer
  • Organic Under Eye Dark Circle Serum

Medicinal Formulations

  • Organic Rose Salve for eczema, sun damage & superficial wrinkles
  • Organic Lavender Sleep Salve for adults and children
  • Organic Chest & Cold Cream  vapor rub cream for congestion, colds and and bronchitis

'Become' Organic Roll-On Perfume

What is your  spirit/mind/body connection ready to become? 8 Different roll-on perfumes with the vibration of one word. The one you choose for yourself, or someone else in need in your life, is infused with the vibrational frequency of the word you are ready to ‘Become’. Perfect for your purse, aroma-therapeutic and 100% organic. This perfumed oil is solar infused for 4 weeks, and is not a traditional perfume but a subtle scent.  When placed on your pulse points, the scent is signaling to your system that your are ready to ‘Become’ the word.

Our Formulas

  • Hope
  • Resilient
  • Successful
  • Enlightened
    • Creative
    • Unconditional Love
    • Healed
    • Courageous

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